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Hallowe'en is coming... [
"Hallowe'en is coming on and the goose is getting fat,
Would you please put a penny in the old mans hat,
If you haven't got a penny, a halfpenny will do,
If you haven't got a halfpenny, God bless you."

Weary Monday [
[ mood | depressed ]

I don't know why I feel down today. D and I went to pets at home to get some stuff for the animals. Then popped over to see nanna. Laura was there which I wasn't expecting but apparently she is off for half-term this week. So she was going on and on the whole time we were there. It's fine for a short time but she just gets too much after a while.

The survey should have been done on the house today. I'm really excited about it. I just hope the money comes up. I pray the money comes up.

Bought some more things on ebay today, I'm still quelling the sadness inside by buying things. I just can't help it. I click the button with no control over myself. I guess that's just another joy of BPD.

I'm supposed to be seeing mummy tomorrow but she hasn't said when or what yet. Probably hear from her early tomorrow. Starbucks as usual!

Sweet chai tea latte dreams!

Lazy Daylight Savings Sunday [
[ mood | confused ]

Chill Chill Chilllllll
Went into town for a while, D broke my Alice (In Wonderland) cup last night so we went to the Disney Store to see if they had anymore, which they didn't. I did end up coming away with the new Nightmare Before Christmas mugs instead though! I also got a little Oogie Boogie beanie toy to sit by the pc and some NMBC pin badges.
I was intending to save up and buy the pink Advent laptop:

PC World were so cheeky though, they listed it the week it came out for £499.99 and then it went out of stock before I managed to save enough. So I watched for it to come back into stock and the next thing they added a better processor and added another £100 onto the price. So I don't want to buy one purely because they did that. Dilemma... Should I or Shouldn't I?
During my dilemma pondering I bought some Volatile Electrocution shoes:

And am bidding on a pair of swear shoes too:

So the laptop is becoming more of a dream than a reality me thinks...

Guild Wars Nightfall [
Wow! Nightfall has finally been released. I went in to get it today and on the off chance asked the guy if the collectors edition has been released. It had! Although they only got one in stock and I bought it. How thrilled was I! There are some really neat extras with it, like pin badges with "skills" on them! They are cute ^^

I have been playing a Paragon (one of two new professions added to GW). Its a guardian angel type which is fun and there are some new features to the game too which is nice.

I'm so happy with it!!

Quotation [
Life is just a bowl of cherries.

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