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Weary Monday

I don't know why I feel down today. D and I went to pets at home to get some stuff for the animals. Then popped over to see nanna. Laura was there which I wasn't expecting but apparently she is off for half-term this week. So she was going on and on the whole time we were there. It's fine for a short time but she just gets too much after a while.

The survey should have been done on the house today. I'm really excited about it. I just hope the money comes up. I pray the money comes up.

Bought some more things on ebay today, I'm still quelling the sadness inside by buying things. I just can't help it. I click the button with no control over myself. I guess that's just another joy of BPD.

I'm supposed to be seeing mummy tomorrow but she hasn't said when or what yet. Probably hear from her early tomorrow. Starbucks as usual!

Sweet chai tea latte dreams!
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