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Lazy Daylight Savings Sunday

Chill Chill Chilllllll
Went into town for a while, D broke my Alice (In Wonderland) cup last night so we went to the Disney Store to see if they had anymore, which they didn't. I did end up coming away with the new Nightmare Before Christmas mugs instead though! I also got a little Oogie Boogie beanie toy to sit by the pc and some NMBC pin badges.
I was intending to save up and buy the pink Advent laptop:

PC World were so cheeky though, they listed it the week it came out for £499.99 and then it went out of stock before I managed to save enough. So I watched for it to come back into stock and the next thing they added a better processor and added another £100 onto the price. So I don't want to buy one purely because they did that. Dilemma... Should I or Shouldn't I?
During my dilemma pondering I bought some Volatile Electrocution shoes:

And am bidding on a pair of swear shoes too:

So the laptop is becoming more of a dream than a reality me thinks...
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