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Very Cherry

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Quirky, Quixotic & Quintessential
80's, 80's music, abstract, absurd, alice in wonderland, always being right, art, baking, bats, bedtime stories, being a bitter elitist, being my own possession, being skinny, bisexual, bizarre, black, black and white photography, blondie, body art, books, brandon boyd, broken things, brutal honesty, caffeine, candy floss, carebears, cats, chai, cherries, cherry, chihuahuas, chocolate, closeness, coffee, conversation, corsets, costumes, cotton candy, crafts, crushing hopes and dreams, css, cuddling, cuddling on sofas, cute things, cyndi lauper, dancing, daydreams, death cab for cutie, depression, diy, dreams, duke special, duvets and pillows, ebay, elitism, eyeliner, fairy tales, fashion, feathers, femininity, feminism, films, flamingos, forbidden, frou frou, gaming, getting something for nothing, glass bones, glitter, gramophone, graphic design, guild wars, hello kitty, heroin chic, honesty, hot hot heat, idealistic, ireland, japan, jenny lewis, jesus, kitsch, kittens, knitting, knitwear, ladybugs, laughing, lipstick girls, long interest boxes, memoirs of a geisha, menthols, movies, music, musical addiction, musical experimentation, my little pony, nightmare before christmas, obsession, pez, photography, pictures, piercings, pink, pirates, pixar films, pseudoartistic photography, quills, quirks, quixotic, rainbows, randomness, reading, red, red shoes, regina spektor, retro, rilo kiley, rockabilly, sarcasm, self image, shiny things, shoes, short hair, shy nerdy boys, silly photos, skull and crossbone, skulls, sleep, sleeping late, smoking, solitude, sparkles, star trek, stars, striped socks, style, sunny days, tattoos, tim burton, travelling, vegetarianism, vintage, web design, wishes, writing